Questions surrounding Seaside Computers, Computer Inferno, and The Computer Store in Loris, SC

November 2011 Update: WMBF reports that Computers Direct in North Myrtle Beach is or has ties to Seaside Computers and in addition, there is at least one convicted felon working there! This is an important, must-read article for local Grand Strand residents or anyone needing computer repairs done locally.


HOT: WPDE and the Horry County Solicitor suspect something is amiss here also. See ARTICLE #13 HERE for what WPDE reported.

Our own reporting indicates that The Computer Store of Loris is probably owned by James "Jimmy" Green, a previous Seaside Computer employee. Word on the street is that Robert James Hussey couldn't pay Mr. Green a large sum of back pay so he gave him some of the showcases and a few banners from the old Pawley's Island Seaside Computer store.

If you missed the WPDE television interview, go to the WPDE website and choose the video tab on the right side of that page or if it's gone from there click here to view it.


The following is a message that I received and points out what others have been suspecting for some time. For anyone that doubts the validity of this person's claim, you should drive by the computer store in Loris and look at the signs and messages on those signs, ie, the same ole fly trap "computers for $99", etc that caught many people on the beach.

Also, if you attempt to look up who owns their website you will find that they purposely made the information hidden so it is impossible for anyone to know who owns the company. And, of course, the company is not incorporated so the SC Secretary of State has no record of them as they would for any legitimate company.

Here is the submitters comments for your review:

Submitted Friday 05 September 2008 - 10:10:05 pm

From: Anonymous - e-mail address withheld

Message: Everyone thinks that Computer Inferno is finally gone and that Seaside Computers is right behind it. The truth is that Robert Hussey and [other name withheld], owners of the notorious chain, are secretly opening new locations under different company names. There are at least two of these new locations already. The address to one of these stores is below, and the other store, which is on the verge of opening is in [location withheld].

These two had everyone fooled, including Greg Hembry, who has been investigating Robert and the stores for some time.

This can easily be verified by walking into the The Computer Store in Loris, where the unsuspecting visitor will be face to face with the man whose mug shot has appeared in so many media venues.

In light of the ongoing investigation, this is information that needs to be made available to those individuals who are able to use it to protect the public. It is difficult to decide who to entrust with it. Please help.

The Computer Store,
211 hwy 701 S
Loris SC 29566
(843) 756-0915

IP Address withheld

[I have purposely hidden the submitter's e-mail address and IP address for their privacy.]