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NOTICE: The photo program can not handle the video file type of Shelby Rae's birth so I've put links to them here:

Deanna and Corey before the C Section They had taken Desiree' out of this room where Desiree' had attempted to give birth normally but it wasn't meant to be. Right before this shot, there were 7 nurses and a doctor in this room working like crazy to deliver Shelby Rae.

Desiree and Shelby in the operating room They only allowed one other person in the operating room - Corey drew the short straw. With all of that garb on he thinks he's a doctor. haha. You can probably see and hear some of the chaos that is going on.

Shelby in the operating room Things have now calmed down, Shelby Rae has taken her first breath and the nurse is checking her vitals. Corey can't contain himself - he hasn't change even now - he loves his baby girl!

Desiree' had one of the hardest births ever! After being in labor for 24 hours, Shelby Rae was almost delivered the normal way but her shoulders would not come out and after about 45 minutes of trying every position, Shelby Rae's heartbeat was dropping drastically so the doctor called in the C Section doctors and nurses that were on standby at home. Within 15 minutes from the time the emergency crew was called, Shelby Rae was born. There's way more to the storey like Desiree' blood pressure that was consistantly 208/177, etc.

It's now the middle of Febrary and both Desiree' and Shelby Rae are doing great! Desiree' blood pressure is nearly back to normal and she's feeling herself again. Shelby Rae is the perfect baby - she pretty much sleeps all of the time except when you wake her up for a bottle about every 3 or 4 hours. She hardly ever cries except if you remove her clothes to change her diaper. She is beautiful! We're really proud of Desiree' and Shelby Rae! And, ok, Corey too. haha





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